A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A rhythm horror game where you must escape a terrifying dungeon while playing along with a mysterious little girl. You can play with a playstation controller or WASD and spacebar. 

If playing on windows make sure to download the unity player file as well.


Dance_of_the_Damned_mac 8 kB
Dance_of_the_Damned_windows 635 kB
UnityPlayer_for_windows 23 MB


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i can't play pls need help :(

I am unable to download this game. Unity player.dll cannot be found?

Hi Chromaray, I just uploaded the unity player for windows. Try downloading that and placing it in the same folder as the Dance_of_the_Damned_windows file and opening the Dance_of_the_Damned_windows file. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hello! I can't tun the set up even with  unityplayer.dll but it says :

There should be 'p3_eecs494_Data'
folder next to the executable